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Where Tech is Taking Us

Posted by:  Joseph Morstad
2017-08-04 09:36:13

A few highlights from the above video I found interesting:

  • about $2 billion of venture capital pouring into real estate in 2017
  • "see a hugh opportunity in the real estate industry as technology becomes more prevalent and impactful"
  • "the inefficiency in that market is rather profound"
  • Continental Tires has 12,000 software engineers now...for driverless car technology
  • "I have a 5, 7, and a 9-year-old kid and I don't think any of them are every going to learn how to drive."
  • constantly be asking why
  • in the future, if you don't use technology there will be a likelihood that you'll be out of business

Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts on how - or if - technology will impact you and your business. 

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