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Thank you & Happy 2018!

Posted by:  Jim Morstad
2017-12-29 11:27:36

BALBOA CRE  wants to wish you all the best for 2018! We hope that your recent holidays were fun, happy, and healthy!

During this period of relaxation and 
reflection, we hope that you can look back on 2017 as another successful year. BALBOA CRE hopes that we were able to be part of your professional success through our commercial real estate lending services. 

Sometimes this business can be stressful with demanding deadlines and borrowers. Hopefully, you are enjoying the fruits of all your hard work and sustained efforts of providing your clients with top-level broker services.

Without you - our broker - BALBOA would not have had the success we experienced in 2017.  Our three largest loans were all funded in 2017 by three different brokers. Other achievements this year:

We would love to continue that success and growth into 2018 - with both new and old brokers, brokers that only do commercial real estate loans and brokers looking to close their first. Bottom line, this business is about people and we appreciate you and our relationship. 

We hope that we've earned your trust in the loans we've closed with you. We hope to meet new brokers and begin new relationships in 2018. 

Stay tuned for more of what you've come to enjoy with BALBOA CRE - an honest, common sense approach to helping our brokers close good commercial real estate deals in Southern California. 

All the best to a healthy and happy 2018!



Jim Morstad

Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Department