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"Final 4" Reasons Brokers Profit with Balboa Thrift and Loan

Posted by:  Jim Morstad
2016-09-08 11:58:02

"Final 4" Reasons Brokers Profit with Us

March Madness is an awesome time for sports fans!

We get to enjoy countless moments of athletic talent, tremendous school spirit, and those always inspiring “Cinderella stories” that captivate the country each year.

In our own way, Balboa Thrift and Loan is a “Cinderella Story”. We persevere through challenges and pull out some amazing wins in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

We get deals done that others might not think were possible.

Success leaves clues. And like many successful basketball teams there are some common characteristics at our Commercial Real Estate department that contribute to our success - and to your profits as a broker when you work with us.


  1. Responsive - We are not a huge company with layers of red tape. When you call or email us you’ll communicate with us directly. You won’t be sent to a receptionist somewhere in South Dakota. When you reach out to us with details or questions about your loan we’ll get you answers immediately and get your loan started that day. We are so responsive that issuing a binding Pre-Approval Letter can be sent out to you in as little as 24-48 hours!
  2. Agile - Our company size and location allows us to react and move quickly on your loan. We do not have countless committee meetings nor do we pass around your loan from department to department making you feel like you’re chasing your own tail. Your loan comes to a nimble, agile department that is built to quickly respond and get you answers that get your loan closed and you paid.
  3. Professional - We value your business. We treat you how we’d like to be treated in business. Adding an extra level of courtesy and professionalism to our CRE lending world is one way that we feel we can improve your experience. At Balboa, being friendly and professional are two qualities we feel should work together. We like to take that approach when we work together with our brokers.
  4. Common Sense - The overall approach to what we do in business is not a complicated transaction. Your client needs money for their purchase or refinance. We have money to lend them. If they show the ability to repay our loan we want to find a way to make the deal work. That’s why we use a common sense approach to lending. We understand your borrower’s story. We ask questions with the end goal of finding how we can get the deal done. This approach gets deals funded and gets you your commission check. It’s a process that has been working for us for 30 years.


Make sure to catch as many of the March Madness games as you can. And when you are done make sure to reach out to Balboa Thrift and Loan to discuss your next commercial real estate deal.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!